Maths Week in Lisnagry National School 2021

Maths Week took place from the 18th-22nd October. Throughout the week all classes were very busy following Maths trails, solving puzzles, Maths Week TV, solving the Problems of the Day, visiting the estimation station and using their Maths Eyes to see Maths and numbers all around them. Many thanks to Ms Carroll who organised all the week’s activities.

We have some thriving mathematicians here in Lisnagry National school. Here are some examples of the fun maths week activities.

We have also put together some Information for Parents to promote Maths at home. Please see the following:

Some useful maths websites:

For tables practise:

For general maths topics:

This website’s purpose is to provide fun activities that parents can do with their children to develop their literacy and numeracy. It includes general information, fun activities and useful tips.

IXL focuses on encouraging children to have fun while learning maths. The website is directly aligned to the Irish primary, Junior Cert and Leaving Cert curriculums, offering endless practice problems and exercises. The site caters for students at all levels, ranging from junior infants up to fifth year. (subscription required)

Over 100,000 students in Europe are now using Mathletics, with more joining every day. Mathletics can be used by schools or by students studying on their own. Students of all ages are catered for, with a ‘Mathletics Hall of Fame’ displayed on the site, encouraging students into healthy competition with one another. With parent reporting enabling parents to monitor their child’s progress and a wide range of tools and resources available, mathletics is a new and engaging way for kids to improve on those all important maths skills

This is an Irish website, developed by the National Council for Technology in Education. It is a portal site and enables users to search for resources according to class, subject and/or strand unit.

Useful apps:

Kings of Maths: Very good for mental arithmetic

Maths Quiz Gameshow: Quizzes on various maths topics

Digiwhiz: Very good for number fluency

5 Dice: Exercises combining five numbers and operations to reach a target number

Wolfram Algebra-Course Assistant: Multi-representational approach to algebra

Maths Bingo: Good for basic arithmetic

Algebra Touch: Demonstration of basic rules of addition/subtraction

Fraction Basic: Lessons based on the different aspects of fractions

Tangrams: app for puzzles and shape

NumbersGame: An app which combines foreign languages and the numbers 1-10

Math Gr5: topics such as number and operations, fractions and measuring etc are included

Wolfram Pre-Algebra Course Assistant: Multi-representational approach to algebra

Conundra Math: Exercises combining three numbers and operations to reach a target number

Parent information sheet