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Health Promoting Schools Programme


Health Promoting Schools Programme

A Health Promoting School can be characterised as a school constantly strengthening its capacity as a healthy setting for living, learning and working. “

Lisnagry National School decided to become involved in the HPS Initiative in order to formalise our commitment to health. Through our involvement with the HSE Health Promotion Department we hope to bring this health promoting commitment to a new level. Lisnagry’s school as a health promoting school is one in which the Board of Management, Staff, students, parents and relevant agencies work together in a planned way to promote the health of everyone in the school community.

Who is involved
The children
The HPS Initiative working group
The school community through the questionnaire

We aim to achieve a coordinated approach to social, emotional, physical and environmental needs
Pupils self-esteem will be raised
All concerned will have a better understanding of the school’s health aims.
Relationships within the school will be enhanced
There will be involvement of parents
The physical environment of the school will be improved
Involving pupil participation and empowerment
Collaborating with parents/guardians and the wider community
Seeking continuous improvement through ongoing monitoring and evaluation
Setting realistic goals built on accurate data and sound evidence

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