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Lisnagry National School

Lisnagry, Co. Limerick
Founded 1961


Lisnagry National School, catering for boys and girls, was built in 1961 and replaced the old school known locally as Richill National School. It is situated about five miles from Limerick City and is in the parish of Castleconnell, a few hundred metres off the M7.

The original school consisted of three classrooms catering for 80 – 100 pupils. During the 1970’s rapid expansion took place in the area, the number of pupils doubled and there was urgent demand for a new extension. The old building was renovated and three new classrooms, an all purpose room and staffroom were built in 1991. In 2005, the school was extended further. The extension consisted of four new classrooms, an all purpose room, computer room, gym and storerooms. Finally in 2010, one more classroom was build.
Owing to the efforts of parents, staff and the Board of Management, the present school boasts the most modern facilities with spacious classrooms, up to date equipment and an all weather playground.
Since it’s foundation the school has developed into one of the best known educational establishments in Limerick. As well as being taught a broad and balanced curriculum, the pupils are encouraged to engage in many extra curricular activities which include chess, speech & drama, traditional music, Irish dancing and sport, (swimming, hurling, football, soccer, basketball).
The school also provides it’s pupils access to the area of information and communication technology through individual classroom teaching with interactive whiteboards and group instruction in the modern computer laboratory.
From it’s inception the school has competed and excelled in many and varied activities. It has achieved notable success in the East Limerick Primary Schools hurling and football leagues.


Our school aims to provide each child with a balanced education to enable each child to develop his/her skills to live a full and happy life as a child.

This is provided in a caring and kind environment where each child learns to treat each other with charity, justice, truth, patience and love.

The school provides a Catholic and Christian education for each child while it recognises and respects other faiths and religions.

Our school recognises the children of our Irish culture and incorporates music, language, sport, dancing and customs into each child’s education.


To provide each child with the best possible education in their formative years.

To equip each child to avail of further education and instil a love of learning that will remain with the children for life.

A respect for each other and their teachers.

A willing attitude to their work.

And as they grow through our school teach them spiritual and moral values, which will remain with them to maturity.

The school values the contribution of parents, guardians and the outside community in the development of the school and values the input of outside agencies such as psychologists, social workers, gardai, doctors and nurses etc. in caring for all children.

The school values the knowledge of history, geography (local, national and international), music, singing, art, design and craft making.

The school places emphasis on the development of skills in our national games of hurling and football as well as a wide range of other sports including basketball, swimming, athletics and soccer.


Lisnagry is derived from the Irish LIOS Na GROÍ. LIOS is a very common word in Irish and many towns in Ireland have a ‘lios’ in them, eg Listowel, Lismore, Lisdoonvarna, etc. A ‘lios’ was a fortress or enclosure. Generally it was circular in shape and surrounded by a stone wall or a fence of wood, earth, etc. The family or clan lived within protected from wild animals or an enemy. They were also known as ring forts, dúns, etc and there is evidence to show that there were up to 30,000 of them throughout the country.
GROÍ is not quite as clear cut. It may have come from the Irish word ‘Giorra’ meaning a hare. However, most people now accept it comes from the Irish word GRAÍ, (a horse), or more particularly a breeding stud. In all probability LIOS Na GROÍ means the FORT OF THE HORSES.
Many lios or forts can still be seen around the country as they became the homes of the fairies and many farmers considered it bad luck to interfere with them.

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