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Science Week 2016

During the week of 14th-18th November, Lisnagry N.S was converted into a place of finding out, asking questions, hearing and seeing how the world works, and learning about working together.The purpose of this was to engage the children with this core subject, expand their scientific knowledge and of course to have fun!
Each class group carried out lots of exciting science investigations. The children explored  electricity by making door alarms,electric cars,lemon batteries, they have looked at chemical reactions with mentos and coke, bread soda ,vinegar. We have had elephants toothpaste, investigating ramps,erupting volcanoes, moving balloons, lava lamps,floating ping pong balls and magnetic racecourses. They also  investigated buoyancy designing their own boats to carry the most eggs ,  and much much more! They really loved it as it was all hands on.The bigger the mess the better for them and there was a strong smell of vinegar, fairy liquid and lots of other reactions around the school!!
The children really seemed to be enjoying the fun and learning about science…

Please have a look at some of the pictures from our science exhibits to see just how fantastic Lisnagry Science Week has been!



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