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What an egg-citing few weeks it has been in Lisnagry!!
Both children and staff had a fantastic opportunity during the hatch for schools programme over the past two weeks. Seven chicks hatched over three days. All the children had the chance to interact, care for and learn about chickens and their life cycle, from incubation, hatching and finally growth.
Gerard, from Hatch 4 Schools, delivered everything we needed to hatch chicks in our school. We got 7 fertilised eggs, an incubator, food, bedding, heat source and a brooder box to keep them contained. Seven healthy and happy chicks hatched. Everybody was so excited and learned so much. After the programme finished, Gerard returned to bring the chicks back to his farm in Inagh. . All the children wanted to name the chicks so they wrote and submitted name suggestions and prizes were awarded for creative names and explanations.

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