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Green Schools Travel Flag Action Week

As part of our Action week for our travel flag, all classes visited the stop and drop.

We looked at  the little people safety signs and all other road signs (double yellow lines, speed limit, etc.) and discussed with the pupils the reasons for these. We also  walked the pupils through the stop and drop showing them how it works and the correct way to enter, etc.

The Green School Committee have come up with some great  safety tips for the students to follow which are below. All the teachers have  gone through and discussed these with their classes. The Committee spoke to the whole school at a special assembly.

Safety tips for the stop and drop.

Be ready to get out of the car when the car stops. Have your coat on and if there’s room in the car, have your bag with you instead of putting it in the boot. This saves time.

Wait until the car has stopped before you open the car door.

Sit in the back seat and fasten your seatbelt.

Get in and out of the car on the school side.

Walk behind the railings to and from the car.

If you are waiting for your lift, stay inside the gate or wall.

Remind the driver to enter the stop and drop at the correct point which is down near the basketball court.

Remind the driver that they cannot park in the stop and drop.


We also had a visit from the Limerick Leader who were very interested to hear all about our stop and drop facility and our new little people safety signs


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