Our school has recently been awarded our first Active School Flag. Lisnagry N.S.  has a strong tradition of sports and activity and was fully committed to the process of acquiring the flag. We  worked really hard to implement the necessary enhancements and self evaluation procedures to achieve the goal. This flag recognises schools like ours that strive to achieve a physically educated and active school. Above all it  celebrates our participation and success in sport and it will encourage us to continue our efforts to make the school a physically active environment.

In order to be awarded the Active School Flag schools must:
1. Commit to a process of self evaluation in terms of the PE programmes and physical opportunities that they offer
2. Plan and implement a series of changes that will enhance PE and extracurricular provision and promote physical activity.

Active School Noticeboard/ Well Done Wall

Keep an eye out for our Active School noticeboard and Well Done Wall outside the gym. This is a special area to recognise any sporting achievements of our students, both inside and outside school. You can also find out about upcoming events. Information about community sports will also be available. So if you are thinking of taking up a new sport or activity outside school, come and have a look here.

ASF Committee

We ran a competition to decide  which pupils would be part of  our Active Schools Committee. We had some great entries such as :

  • “We’ve got the astro,we’ve got the hall, Great for sports, we can play them all” (Alan Conway 5th Class)

  • “Let’s get active,Let’s get fit, Let’s get everyone to do their bit!” (Abby Hayden 4th Class)

  • “Play and dance, hurl and run,do your best and have some fun” (Jack Butler)

  • “Thers more to life than watching TV, get up,get out and be healthy”(Hazel Coulter)

  • “Live once, Live well” (Cian Smith)

 It was really hard to decide but finally we chose an overall active school motto written by Eva Kelly in 4th class. Here it is

“Staying fit, keeps you strong,,

Makes your life, healthy and long”

We also held a competition to design an active school logo.  Cian Smith (6th class) designed  the winning logo.

Well done Cian!  His design depicts all the different ways to be active.Look out for it around the school.

active flag logo-e


Our Active school’s Committee consists of a number of staff and student representatives

Staff Members: Ms Carroll, Ms Copse, Mr Raftery, Mr. McGrath and Mr. Feeney.

Pupil Representatives: Hazel Coulter, Jack Butler, Rory Moore, Eva Kelly, Alan Conway and Cian Smith

Active School Week


We held our first Active School Week on April 29th – May 3rd 2013. The Active School Week was an essential component in achieving the Active School Flag. Events which took place included Zumba dancing, skipping, a fun walk, a teddy bear’s picnic, basketball and football matches, and penalty shoot out. The week was a huge success and both pupils and teachers had great fun! We are looking forward to Active School Week again next year.


Below is a photostory showing some of the improvements we have implemented as part of the  Active flag process.