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Poems about Spring from 3rd Class

Spring Poems

Spring is here spring has sprung
People are happy dancing and having
Fun finding chocolate eggs
Of their desire .hearing the birds tweeting
All day playing outside on the
Fresh cut grass spring is here
Spring has sprung oh I wish it
Would stay for longer
I love spring and I hope You do too.

By liam


In spring grass is cut
And where the fluffy clouds are put.
In the beach where waves awake
People put away your rakes.
Not a bit of snow in sight
Not at day not at night.
Spring Spring Spring has sprung
As well as the beautiful sun
Easter Sunday has nearly sprung
Look at what god has done.
I am in parades
In the wonderful great…

By Cathal

Spring is a time when trees start to grow, when snow starts to melt and the fresh air flows.
The fluffy clouds in the bright blue sky make pretty shapes as the pass on by.
The TV is abandoned, and we go outside, my friend tries to seek while I try to hide.
The flowers are beautiful, red and gold, pink and yellow, free from cold.

By Abbey

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