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Stem Research Project

Stem Research Project

Using Maths to reduce paper in our school

Using STEM in projects on environment/sustainability

As part of the Dell Xex IQ Robotics we completed a STEM Research Project and Presentation.
The focus for this project was to learn about the relationship among the
STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. Each season one of the
fields is featured and we learn how it relates to robotics and how what we are learning in the classroom has a
practical application in our lives.

This year the STEM field of maths was the chosen field.Maths is the language of science and
engineering. We use numbers, quantities, measurements, and the relationships
between them to communicate our ideas on how things work.

Our goal was to learn more about the exciting world of maths and
how it can be used to find solutions to interesting problems around us. We then had to produce a video of our stem Project

The global problem we decided to focus on was the environment and the destruction of the rainforests and trees.
We then looked at what we were doing in our school at a local level
to make things even worse.

We felt we could be using an excessive amount of paper and destroying trees so we decided to find out. Using our photcopier/printer counter we examined the number of prints and paper used
per week in each class. We then looked at the office and sen teacher usage. We found out what each class was using per day and per week.We then told all the teachers our results and
gave them tips to help reduce our paper usage. copy/print on both sides, use a smaller font, etc. Once everyone agreed to make a big effort to reduce our usage we gave it a two week
period and then examined the results to see had we improved.We also looked at the cost of all the paper and the savings per week. month and year the school could make.
We used so much maths to help solve this problem of excessive paper usage in our school. We used addition,subtraction, multiplication, percentages average, unitary method, data, and money
We graphed all our results for the presentaion and also using excel online.

Below is the link to our stem video we produced for the competition. We learned how to edit our video, delete scenes . We used an iphone on a stand to video it. The app was called imovie to edit the video. It had to be under 4 minutes.The scenes
had to be in the right order.We won the inspire award at the National Robotics Finals in CIT with our stem research project.

Link to video of our stem project using maths


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