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Parents Anti-Bullying Talk

The school is updating its anti bullying policy at present. A draft copy of this new policy which is being drawn up in line with the requirements of the Anti Bullying procedures for primary and post primary schools published in Sept 2013 is available to view below. Please take time to read the draft copy. The new policy once finalised will be ratified by the B.O.M. in June. We all want to prevent and tackle bullying behaviour. In the new policy, the ’reform not blame’ approach is used to respond to reports of bullying behaviour.

Parents Anti-Bullying Talk

Seán Fallon, of the Anti Bullying Campaign Programme which is proving much more effective at reducing bullying in schools will visit Lisnagry School on Tuesday 3rd June and do a teachers workshop. He will also do a parent talk at 7:30 that evening. I would urge you all to attend this very important workshop and become familiar with the schools new approach to tackling bullying.

Lisnagry National School Draft Anti-Bullying Policy press Here>>>

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