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Wellness Week 2019

Our Wellness Week/ Mental Health Week took place from 11th -15th February,

Thanks to Ms. Doheny and the Health Promotion Committee for organising such an enjoyable week both for the children and the staff. The children thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone who was involved and helped make this week very enjoyable while also raising awareness of the importance of taking care of our own mental wellbeing.

Here is an outline of some  our activities for the week

Mindful Monday

• Possible screen free evenings-read a book, chat, play board games-sign a class agreement
• Try to get 10+ hours of sleep each night. (8+ for adults )
• Introduce the topic of mindfulness-Use online guided meditations/app ‘Calm’ or ‘headspace’/Go Noodle/’Positive regard/goodwill mindfulness’ sheet
• Mindful colouring-DEAC ‘drop everything and colour’-colouring sheets included
• Secret friend for the week-do random acts of kindness towards this friend-compliments, positive notes, treat on Friday-worksheet lesson 6 R.A.K Random Acts of Kindness checklist
“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see” Mark Twain
• Staff secret friend for the week also-pay it forward/random acts of kindness-ideas include: Leave positive note on desk/car windshield/cup of coffee/tea in the morning/compliment/share some resources/ leave a treat on their desk.
• 2nd-6th Make mindful jars worksheet included / Juniors-1st Bubble machine-watch bubbles mindfully.
• Teachers-Yoga class with Tadhg after school 3.15-4.15pm

Thankful Tuesday

• Develop an attitude of gratitude-fill in gratitude worksheet
• Make an acrostic poem to show gratitude
• Write thankful letters to friend/teacher/family
• End of the day- list 3 things they are thankful for to teacher as leaving classroom.

Wellness Wednesday

• Positive emotions potion-list positive emotions
• Make Wellness week posters for display in Hall at Friday’s assembly-prizes for best effort
• Weaving wellbeing videos online-google Vimeo weaving wellbeing-Rainbow moments (variation of worksheet included)
• 5th/6th class El Gleeson Talk about anti-bullying (11.20-1pm)

Triumphant Thursday

• Class celebration of personal triumphants-children bring in awards/certs to show the class
• Try some affirmation activities –examples included
• Write personal aspirations- worksheet included
• Valentines Day Staff competition-How many sweets in the Jar

Feel-good Friday

• Taking care of my body-healthy eating, exercise-Food dudes and Daily Mile
• School Assembly-celebration of student of the month, Gaeilgeoir na Míosa, class achievements, golden book, class lines
• Feel good Friday Staffroom treats-Coffee, Cake and chat-Bring along a shop bought or homemade treat and relax over a cuppa and chat.
• Golden time in the classes/extra yard time.
• Feel good Friday class treats

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