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First Class Poetry Corner


Small Books,big books

Funny make me laugh books

Tall books,teeny books

I love books

by Miah


Big Shells,small shells

They are nice shells

Shells are fun

I have a shell

by Selina


Hard sweets,soft sweets

yummy sweets.yucky sweets

Big sweets,tiny sweets

Sweets are good to eat

by Sam


Big Foxes, small foxes,baby foxes

all foxes

black foxes,orange foxes all different colours

They can be fast and slow

I love foxes

by Shane


Baby tigers,adult tigers

scary tigers,

big tigers, small tigers,

wild tigers!

orange tigers, grey tigers,

living in my dream tigers,

hunting tigers, relaxing tigers,

climbing up trees tigers.

By John


Short pants,

long pants,

covering my bum pants.

spotty pants,

dotty pants,

wherever did they go.

By Helen


Barn owls, farm owls,

singing in the night owls.

Barn owls, farm owls,

flying in the sky owls.

Snowy owls with orange eyes,

hunting mice from the skies.

Tawny owls, heads twirl around,

Too wit, Too woo

Their only sound.

By Orlaith

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