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Fifth Class design Posters using Microsoft Word

Below are a sample of the posters 5th class pupils  designed using microsoft word on the school laptops

“A Report on Munster”  by Aisling

“International book day poster”   by Conor

“Lisnagry National School Fashion Show”   by Ellen

“International Book Day Poster” by Helena

“Fashion Show” by Orlaith

A Report on Munster-by Aislinge
“A Report on Munster” by Aisling
Fashion Show-by Orlaithe
“Fashion Show” by Orlaith
International book day poster-by Conore
“International book day poster” by Conore
International Book Day Poster-by Helenae
“International Book Day Poster” by Helenae
Lisnagry National School Fashion Show-by Ellene
“Lisnagry National School Fashion Show” by Ellene

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