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Our junior entrepreneur programme started with 6 ideas :Cafe 4 a day, teddy bears , bottle covers, slime, mindful jars and snoods. Each group presented their ideas to the dragons: Mr. Feeney, Ms. Roche and Mr. Noel Fox. They told us it was a tough decision but they made up their minds. The winning idea was cafe for a day. We were very excited and everyone was ready to spring in to action. We were divided into 5 different teams: The Marketing team, The Sales team, The Finance team, The Storytelling team and The Design and Production team. The next stage was our business visitor. Rosemary Wilmot kindly visited us to give us some business advice. We can all agree that her advice was more than helpful to us along the way. Our business definitely wouldn’t have worked the first time but thanks to Rosemary we were prepared. The next step was to make our cafe happen. First we had to decide what we wanted on our menu. We chose pizzas and crepes. We then ordered our food. We ordered our crepes from the farm shop, and our pizzas from lidl. We were finally ready for the day. Our cafe took place on 12.4.2018. We decorated it with all kinds of things that we brought in from home. Our first customers were junior infants. They said the pizzas were amazing. After that it was non-stop. Servers were running around the place, and chefs were cooking and cooking. But over all the day was fabulous. Customers were delighted with their food. The cafe 4 a day was an absoulute triumph.

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